350 - An Important Measurement


350 - What does it mean? Whether you are a man or a woman or a child or a Muslim or an atheist or a Christian, the number is important because it is the highest amount of carbon dioxide in parts per million that the planet can withstand before it causes irreversible damage.

This number is, for all practical purposes, the point of no return.

Guess where we stand now?

385 ppm!

Seattle in 50 years?

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past decade, you know that global warming, or climate change as the politicians like to call it now, is a serious issue that is finally getting some recognition. Unfortunately, the powers that be are not acting fast enough to reverse the tide of damage that is already occurring - disappearing glaciers, dying coral reefs, the melting of Greenland's ice, more intense hurricanes - and is sure to get much worse if we don't act FAST! We have to get back to three hundred fifty as quickly as possible and there's only a very short window of time left to do it.

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Anyone who talked this way just a short while ago was accused of being Chicken Little, crying "The sky is falling!" But it's not hyperbole anymore. It's real. And we simply must begin to change our ways NOW before it's too late.
Log on to www.350.org and find out how you can help spread the message. If more of us get involved and make changes in our own lives, like driving hybrid cars, buying locally-grown food, insulating our homes better, and pressuring our state politicians to support environmentally responsible legislation, we will at least be taking baby steps to stem the tide of climate change. And by helping to spread the message of 350.org maybe we can induce the 100th Monkey Effect, where, if enough people know about this, there will be a spontaneous leap of consciousness and it will snowball all on its own.

350 - An Important Measurement