How to Compliment A Woman


How to Compliment a Woman

The art of knowing how to compliment a woman is a fine one, and some men are better at it than others.

Knowing how to say nice things to women can go a long way toward winning points in the love game, plus it just feels nice to know you've made someone feel good about herself.

When was the last time you complimented your wife? Are you wondering what you can say to a woman you're interested in without appearing sleazy or annoying? Do you want to make a good impression on a woman you just started dating? Here are a few thoughts on how best to pay a compliment to a woman:

  • Be specific
    Saying, "You look nice tonight" is okay, but it's generic and she's heard the same exact words from other men. So be original and focus on a detail. What exactly is it that makes her look beautiful? Something along the lines of, "Your blue dress really brings out the blue in your eyes," or "Your glasses make you look studious. I like that." The second example has some humor to it, which is fine, as long as you don't come across as making fun of her. And no clichés please (as in, "Hey gorgeous, can I buy you a drink?")
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  • Don't forget her mind

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    So you think she's beautiful and you want to let her know it. Great. But also think about her personality and brain. What characteristics do you find attractive in her? If she is a gorgeous woman she is used to hearing things about her looks, but imagine how she'll feel if you compliment her smarts or ability to deal with people, or anything besides her body. Women like to know that you notice them for their inner beauty too.
  • Don't be sexual
    Don't tell her she has a great ass or beautiful cleavage. Anything sexual will most likely turn her off and make her think you are a pervert. You can compliment her on certain body parts but only certain ones. I've received compliments from men about my lips, my cheekbones, my eyes, and my feet that I thought were tastefully delivered and I didn't mind at all. I felt like the remarks were sincere in their appreciation of my body, but in a nonsexual way, which brings me to the next thought:

  • Be sincere
    When you compliment a woman, stick to compliments that you truly believe and not just things you think she wants to hear. She will know if you're faking it and that's worse than no compliment at all. Think about what you really find attractive about her and mention it.

  • Don't over or under-do it
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    Avoid complimenting her every ten minutes or you will come across as desperate. When you compliment a woman too often, she will wonder what you have up your sleeve since you seem to be buttering her up for something. Just be aware of when you can naturally inject an appropriate compliment depending on the circumstances. And remember that if you never compliment a woman, she may wonder how much you like her. It's true that actions can be compliments too,
    but it's still nice to hear actual, direct words that express what you're thinking in that moment.

In the movie The American President, Michael Douglas (who plays the president) asks Annette Bening, a lobbyist, to be his date for a state dinner at the White House. He is a widower, and when he asks his daughter how she feels about asking a woman out on a date, she tells him it's fine. Then she advises him to compliment her on her SHOES because, "Girls like that." So go ahead and give it a try!

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