Things Men do That Drive Women Crazy


Want to know how to drive women crazy? Study the list below...

I am a reasonably calm and collected person (most of the time) but I and my friends have been known to GO BALLISTIC once in a while. The times in our lives when we're the most upset, the most emotional, and the most OUT OF CONTROL often happen when we're with our partner. So what exactly is it that drives women crazy?

This is a sampling from our unscientific survey of how men make us want to tear our hair out.


  • He doesn't listen

    This is the top way to drive women crazy. It seems like we are speaking two different languages sometimes. Or it feels like we are talking to a mannequin. We get that you tune us out if we start to nag. But if you really want to drive women crazy, keep doing something that you've been told is rude or hurtful. After awhile, our annoyance will turn to resentment, which will become anger, which will evolve to rage, which may result in those ugly screaming scenes we'd all prefer to avoid

    Want to learn to be a better listener? Please read our page on communication.

    We all need to be better listeners, but men have no idea how much happier the women in their lives would be if they did a better job of listening.

  • He doesn't talk

    This is the second best way to drive women crazy. We want to know what's going on inside that head of yours. You don't have to share every single thought and feeling every day, but when you consistently withhold your inner struggles, your concerns, and especially your feelings, you are missing out on a great opportunity to deepen your relationship with your woman.

    Having a great relationship may require doing some things you're not used to, like opening up once in awhile. We can't read your mind and sometimes we misinterpret your silence. If you speak up a little more, she will feel closer to you, and you will start to overcome your fear of appearing weak or emotional. Or if you're keeping quiet because you don't think you have anything important to say, or because you think your thoughts are obvious, THINK AGAIN!

  • He doesn't pay attention

    We've gotten haircuts, changed our hair color, and worn a gorgeous new dress, and never heard a peep from our man. How could you not notice when your wife changes her hair? Also, it would be nice if you asked us once in a while how we're doing if we seem quiet or upset. Not that we expect you to read our minds, but it would just be nice if you actually notice when we're upset. When you don't pay close attention to what's going on with us, we get the feeling we're not that important to you. And believe me, this is sure way to drive women crazy.
  • He doesn't clean up after himself

    This is an easy way to drive women crazy. Maybe some men grew up with parents who didn't teach them to put their dirty clothes in a hamper, rinse dirty dishes and put them in the dishwasher, or put stuff away. But that's not a valid excuse to be a slob for the rest of your life. It's rude to leave clothes lying all over the bedroom and bathroom floor. It's rude to leave dirty dishes and empty beer cans in the living room.

    It's rude to leave chin stubble and globs of toothpaste in the sink. It's just rude, immature, and self-centered. Sharing living space requires thinking about how your sloppy habits affect the other person, something we all should have learned in kindergarten.

  • He snores

    This is a tough one but it does drive women crazy. The information that's out there suggests there are ways to treat snoring (check out the link at right). What really gets our goat is when we complain about how loud the snoring is and that we can't get any sleep and our man just ignores us, or says something like, "Well it never bothered my first wife (or last girlfriend)," or "Really? I woke you up with my snoring?" and never does anything about it.

    Just because you aren't aware of it while it's happening doesn't mean it's not bothering someone else, namely your wife or girlfriend. For more info on snoring click here.

  • He is passive-aggressive

    What does passive-aggressive mean? You are passive-aggressive when you have a problem with us but are too afraid to talk about it and instead, take your anger out on us by punishing us in little, devious ways. This is like poison to a relationship and it's very hurtful. If something is bothering you, TALK ABOUT IT, don't just stuff it down but then mistreat us by being sarcastic, "forgetting" to do stuff, giving us the silent treatment, or making excuses. This is a nasty way to drive women crazy.

  • He stares at/flirts with other women

    We don't mind if you glance at other women. That's not a big deal. In fact we'll look at them too. But ogling them, tracking them, is not cool. Not when we're right next to you. And flirting… when we are with you and you flirt with other women, it is disrespectful and it hurts. That will drive women crazy. How would you like it if we came on to other men right in front of you? Please keep our feelings in mind and realize that there are consequences when you do such things. And if you have any kind of ongoing flirtation with another woman, we will consider it to be a form of emotional infidelity.

    What is emotional infidelity?

  • He doesn't follow instructions

    We don't understand why men don't like to follow instruction manuals for how to put something together, or how to use a product for the first time, etc. For some reason, guys think it makes them look wimpy if they have to read instructions. But guess what guys?
  • When you don't bother to follow the directions and end up doing it wrong or taking forever, women are NOT impressed. We want to make sure it gets done right the first time. We hate wasting time and think it's just plain stupid for a male ego to override common sense. So unless you're a true genius at putting stuff together or have previous experience with a new product, do us a favor, stop driving women crazy and follow the instructions.

  • He blames us for PMS

    I'll admit we have our bitchy moments, just like you have your jerky moments. But whatever you do, DO NOT ask us if we have PMS. PMS does not affect every woman the same and just because we are moody (or bitchy) does not mean we have PMS. Even if we are in the middle of it, your accusing us of it will only make matters worse!This is an excellent way to drive a woman crazy.

  • He has bad driving habits

    This is one that can go both ways. Some men can't stand the way their women drive, but from what we've heard, there are plenty of women who hate it when their husbands/boyfriends: tailgate, speed, honk at other drivers, swear at other drivers, are back seat drivers and tell them what to do, and take 1.5 hours to find the perfect spot in a parking lot.
Men Drive Women Crazy

Knowing how to drive women crazy is a special art that men are particularly adept at. So guys... please take note.

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