Fathers - Be a Hands-on Dad and Keep Your Wife Happy


Fathers...are you doing your fair share?

>Parenting is the most labor-intensive, all-consuming, and ultimately rewarding job there is. That's why it makes a huge difference to moms if fathers are equally involved in care giving.

Women want and need dads to be full co-parents, involved with everything right from the beginning, from diaper changing to holding and feeding in the early years to helping with homework, being a co-disciplinarian, attending kids' sporting or music events, and the dozens of other aspects of children's daily lives.

>Lots of dads are very involved in their children's lives and it's a joy to see. But some men still don't understand the critical role they play for both their wives/girlfriends and children. Mothers need their men to be fully present as a dad not only to provide emotional support and encouragement for the nonstop challenge of dealing with kids, but also to give to the kids their uniquely male attention.

>Whether moms stay at home or have careers (or work at home!), men can and should do more than provide a paycheck. Supporting the family is important, of course, but kids and moms have needs that go beyond the financial. Dads and moms who share the burden of child raising equally - or as much as is possible depending on jobs and careers - can both be better parents because neither one is saddled with more than their fair share. And they can be better for each other because she doesn't feel ongoing resentment at having to do it all.

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A woman who feels supported by her husband/boyfriend in her role as mother will be happier and have more energy for her man than if she has to do everything related to the kids like housework, cooking, laundry, driving kids around, shopping, etc.

If you are a dad who refuses to do "women's" work or feel it's beneath you to do something like change a diaper, it's time for an attitude adjustment. Step up to the plate and do what you signed on for. If you want a better relationship with your wife or girlfriend, you will have to change your thinking on what it means to be a dad.

>Try this: If you're not sure what to do to help more, ask. Your partner will be amazed and happy that you want to know. And then do what she asks.

>It boils down to this: being a hands-on dad is good for children because they will grow up to be happier, more balanced adults. Being a hands-on dad is good for men because they live to their full potential as parents. And being a hands-on dad is good for mothers because they feel less stressed and are more inclined to appreciate their husbands/boyfriends. Doing the right thing as a father has tremendously positive ripple effects for the whole family.

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