5 Best Gift Ideas Girlfriend Is Dying To Get


You are in a bind. You need gift ideas girlfriend will love. And you don't have a plan of attack. That's where I come in.

It could happen like this...

The day is getting closer and you might be in trouble. Maybe it’s her birthday, Valentine’s Day or even your anniversary and you know how important it is to pick out that perfect gift. Your special woman had better be prepared because with this list of the top five gift ideas girlfriend has always wanted, you’re bound to hit a homerun.

Flowers are fine gifts for girlfriends. They’re even exactly what some girlfriends’ want. But if you really want to knock her socks off turn those ho hum bouquets into something more personal. A dozen roses in her favorite color or a long stem red rose for every anniversary you’ve shared is better. Maybe there is a special bloom tied to an unforgettable memory. Now that is a great gift idea girlfriend will love!

Another way to spice up this perennial favorite is to buy her a potted plant or tree that can be put in the yard. That way you can both watch it grow together and she’ll love the symbolism.

Chocolate is another tried and true gift idea. But it may not be your best choice from the gifts for girlfriends list, depending on her roller coaster relationship with this sinful treat.

How about opting instead for something more exciting that still tickles her taste buds? 

If she likes to experiment in the kitchen, look at dessert cooking classes. Maybe a spicy cookbook full of her favorite cuisine would be appreciated. Better yet, collect some snacks and fill a picnic basket with a bottle of wine, napkins and nibbles. Meet her for a surprise lunch and enjoy dining al fresco together. The creativity will be a guaranteed smash.


A night out is something you might already do together. But finding tickets for your girlfriend’s favorite band or an off Broadway show she’s waited to see constitutes a special occasion. And these sorts of things make excellent gifts for girlfriends.

Look well ahead of time and plan for an evening together. If she likes to go fancy, make sure you dress in your finest. If jeans and a concert T-shirt is more her style, be sure to play that part well.

Remember this if you remember nothing else: things you can experience together make excellent gift ideas girlfriend will remember for a long, long time.

Jewelry doesn’t have to be super expensive to impress your girlfriend. What it needs to be is something that reflects her and she can wear with pride. Maybe she is a diamond girl and a rock on her finger will do the trick. But, believe it or not, most girls are more subtle and would rather an antique pendant or funky earrings that match her eyes. Think about her personal style and find some “bling” that goes with that.

Photographs can be one of the gift ideas girlfriend has been wishing for. Source out a picture of the two of you, ideally a candid shot of something you did together. Capture that memory forever by blowing up the photo and having it framed. Choose the frame wisely too, preferably something that won’t stick out like a sore thumb at her place.

There are plenty more ways to show your woman you care with the right gifts at the right time. Surprise your girlfriend this year with a gift that took a little work and a whole lot of time thinking about her.

At the end of the day, gift ideas girlfriend will love develop from your own creativity and shows that you listen to her. Demonstrate those two things, and she’ll definitely make it worth your while.

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