Choosing a Gift for your Woman?


Choosing a gift for a woman can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. It may be true that it's the thought that counts, but if you put some extra effort into it, she will know and appreciate it.

Giving her a great present, no matter what the occasion, comes from knowing her, and knowing her comes from paying attention to her. What does she like? What does she hate? What does she notice? What are her favorite colors? What does she read? Women give off lots of clues about themselves and their likes and dislikes, so it shouldn't require a PhD to mine those clues. (See link below for great ideas of what to give your woman.)

Be careful about giving her something that you would want for yourself but she wouldn't necessarily like. One husband I know gives his wife kinky outfits from Frederick's of Hollywood every year for her birthday, maybe thinking the thongs and feather boas might give their sex life a boost. But she hates these outfits and never wears them. Yet he keeps giving them to her. Make sure you give her something that makes her happy, not you.

Consider giving her a present for no reason. This is romantic and is even more special than giving her one when she expects it.

It's better to give no gift than to give one that screams, "I put no thought or effort into this!" For example, if it's her birthday and you're on your way home from work, don't just swing into the grocery store because it's on the way and buy a cheap bouquet of old carnations. Go to a florist and get a nice, big, fresh bouquet. Or order one ahead of time here.

You don't have to spend a fortune on gifts. If you can afford to buy her a diamond necklace or new car and you know she'd like such extravagance, go ahead. But don't substitute or equate spending lots of money with making her happy. What women love is a present that's thoughtful, appropriate, and timely. The expensive part is optional.

The sweetest gifts are those you make yourself. Even if you think you're not creative or handy with tools, there's probably something you could put together with your own hands. Bake some chocolate chip cookies. Buy a blank book and write how you feel about her. Make a CD full of love songs. A handmade present shows that you put time and effort into pleasing her.

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If you're bad about remembering important dates, break that habit now. Write the important dates down somewhere, like a monthly calendar book. Women appreciate it when you remember their birthday, anniversary, etc. (as if I need to tell you that!) so don't miss an easy opportunity like that to make her happy.

Here are...

Just a few random gift ideas for women:

  1. massage/facial/manicure/pedicure package at a spa

  2. a gourmet kitchen gadget or appliance
    (if she likes to cook)

  3. a magazine subscription Magazineline

  4. a box of yummy Belgian Chocolates

  5. A gold locket necklace with a photo of you inside

  6. a first edition of her favorite book (if she likes to read)

  7. a colorful orchid (orchids last for months!)

  8. something cool and obscure from an antique store

  9. a cozy, full-length genuine Turkish bathrobe

  10. a once-a-month present i.e. a different chocolate, wine, cheese, etc. every month for 3 or 6 or 12 months from Clubs of America

  11. a comfy massage chair

  12. a full detailing of her car

  13. a bottle of exotic perfume Up to 70% off Perfume

  14. a bottle of wine from New Zealand, Portugal, or South Africa The Wine Messenger

  15. a mouse pad with a picture of her pet on it Personalized  Office Products

  16. unique sexy panties

  17. a stainless steel water bottle

  18. a robotic Roomba vacuum cleaner

  19. a board game like Scrabble or Monopoly

  20. a beautiful Champagne and Diamond White Gold Pendant necklace

  21. a Kit Cat Clock

  22. a beautiful watch Princeton Watches

  23. a digital camera

  24. a gift basket full of whatever she likes

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