Easy Gifts for the Wife That Are Sure to Impress


Do you want gifts for the wife that will put a smile on her face and a skip in her step (if you know what I mean)?

Listen: You love your wife and are fairly confident that you show those feelings on a regular basis. Then it comes time to buy a christmas, anniversary, or birthday gift for wife and that confidence seems to fall apart.

Maybe the last birthday gift for wife was a flop or you’re simply drawing a blank (that seems to happen a lot to you guys, too much beer, maybe?). With these easy gifts for the wife you’re sure to make a positive impression that will show your love in a bold way.

There are three P’s to remember when searching for surefire gifts for the wife.

What Women Want from Men: Personal, Private and Public

Personal, Private and Public are your options and each can work depending on the occasion and delivery. You will be the judge, but with one of these three focuses your gift is sure to bring a smile to her face.

  • Be personal with the gifts you pick out. Women can spot generic presents that required little thought a mile away (we're that good, fellas). Their reaction will generally be based on the amount of thought that they felt went into the gift. If you can be personal, it automatically boosts that factor and gives the gift a better chance at success.

    What personalized details you use will depend on the type of gift, but you can always tap into your imagination and personalize in unique ways. Monograms and engravings are good, as are favorite colors and styles. When your gift confirms to your wife that you actually know her favorite rock band, it’s bound to climb higher in point value.

    Go beyond just a name plate and add your own personal message to a gift. Even a simple “I love you” with her name on the end will suffice.

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  • Give a gift in private for added pizzazz. This can be as simple as a note tucked into her purse or a flower left on her pillow. What you give becomes less important and how or where she found it gains in stature.

    Private gifts can include more adventurous and sensual items, but be aware that she may see those as gifts more for you than her. Don’t build up your expectations and be subtle and suggestive instead of blunt and insensitive. Give her something to think about, since a woman’s interest in the bedroom often starts in her brain.

    Private gifts for the wife run the gamut from kinky to kooky, but are always delivered in a way that allows her reaction to be truly genuine and unfettered. That's what women want from men, and that’s what she’ll remember.

  • On the other side of the coin, presents given in public are also great gifts for the wife options. Think flowers delivered to her office or a banner pulled by an airplane that shouts “I love you!”  This type of gift works because she can feel the awe of those around her and thrives in the confidence that you are not afraid to show your love.

    Decide whether she will appreciate any public surprises before you go and plan them, but giving gifts in public doesn’t always mean the attention is on her. The idea is that your message of love is out there for the world to see and that’s what will have value to her, whether it is a christmas, anniversary, or birthday gift for wife.

Hundreds of more practical gift ideas are out there and you should also understand why giving gifts can be important to your marriage. It seems that the old saying is true, little things really do mean a lot.

These gifts for the wife are easy enough to do and will impress her like never before. You will show her that you really know what women want from men (you can thank me later!)

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