My Girlfriends Upper Lip is too Hairy


Girlfriends upper lip needs waxing...


I would consider myself to be quite liberal when it comes to my relationship with women.

I'm not vain, and I never really care about social trends or what society says about how a woman "should" look. But recently my girlfriend has kind of "let it go", if you will, with some of her hair. She has let some peach fuzz grow on her upper lip. I wish I could pretend that it doesn't bother me, but it really does. It's not that it's really noticeable, but one picture I saw recently in a close up, you could see the "fuzz" clearly. So I know it's not just because I'm in close proximity to her a lot. How do I ask her to get it waxed? Or should I just leave the topic alone and wait for her to notice (if she does)? I'm afraid that if I approach her with this, she'll think I'm an a-hole. Please help.

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Dear Bob,

I appreciate you approaching the topic of your girlfriends upper lip carefully. The main issue here is not whether you should ask for what you want, but HOW to do it. Some people might say you are being too picky with your girlfriend, but if it really bothers you, I think it would be okay to broach the subject. If you are gentle and kind about it, she should not get bent out of shape. Whenever you want to deliver criticism to anyone without the person getting all defensive, it's best to sandwich it between praise. Here's one possible scenario:

When you are lying on the couch or bed together and cuddling (not having sex), kiss her gently on her face and tell her something nice like, "You have the cutest nose," or "I just love your lips. They are so sensuous." Then say "You know, I think you are gorgeous, but if you waxed your upper lip you would be even more gorgeous. Have you ever done anything like that?" You can use your own words, but if you say it lovingly like this, she is much less likely to be offended.

Keep in mind that if a woman was bothered by something similar in her man, she would probably bring it up. So why can't a man make a reasonable request too? Your girlfriend's upper lip is a little hairy...It's not like you're asking her to have a boob job or telling her she's too fat.

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