Learn How To End A Relationship


Knowing how to end a relationship can be a difficult, as well as emotional, process.

Although you might want to end a relationship over the telephone, for example, to avoid an unpleasant scene, you should take this life changing step face to face. If you are in a long distance relationship, however, this may not be possible. There are some steps you can take to make this process as smooth as possible.

  • Meet in a public place: When you know how to end a relationship, you should do so in a neutral place. Doing so at either your home or her home could seem to give either one of you the home court advantage. Another reason to meet at a public place such as a local restaurant, for example, is to minimize the possibility that emotions and actions could get out of control.
  • Be Gentle: You should aim to be as tactful as possible when ending relationships. Whether you two have simply grown apart or, she has acted in a hurtful manner toward you, you should try to be as humane as you possibly can. Avoid attacking her character or her ego.
  • Avoid using the telephone: Unless you and your girlfriend are engaged in a long distance relationship and seldom see each other, you should not resort to ending a relationship in any other way except for face to face. Facing her while you explain the reasons that made you realize that you needed to know how to end a relationship will definitely help to get the finality of the situation across to her. Doing so over the telephone can create an ambiguousness that can give the entire experience an almost surreal feel to it.

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  • Don’t email or instant message her either. Just as breaking up with your girlfriend over the telephone is not a good idea, neither is using the internet in any form. Sending a breakup email or instant message can create confusion and add to the doubtfulness of the whole situation for her. It is best to do this task in person, though you may find it unpleasant to do so.
  • Rehearse what you will tell her. You need to have a game plan when it comes time to break up with your girlfriend. Think this huge step through thoroughly and crystallize the reasons that you want to dissolve the relationship in your mind. If it helps, write the pros and cons on paper as this can enable you to sort out your thoughts.
  • Keep Your Emotions in Control. Be prepared for her to be emotional. She might cry, be angry, or try to talk you out of the breakup. Do not hesitate to comfort her by empathizing with her. Try to avoid physical contact, however, as that may send her the wrong message. Do not try to prolong the breakup process by agreeing to try to work on the relationship if you feel that you have already done so.

Although this can be a difficult time for both you, and the woman, with a little foresight and understanding, you will be able to figure out how to end a relationship with both your dignity and your compassion intact.

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