Mens Fashion Mistakes


There are lots of common men's fashion mistakes, HUGE style No-No's
that women implore guys to pay attention to.

Gents, PLEASE avoid the following looks:

Visible Butt Crack


Words can't describe how this makes us feel. Even your wife hates this. Need we say more?

The Backwards Baseball Cap


I can forgive this look on a 5 year-old but on an adult? NO! Unless you're a catcher on a pro baseball team, kindly wear your sweat-stained cap correctly. Thank you.

Baggy Pants Hanging Off Butt


This just looks plain stupid. Reminds me of a baby's diaper hanging down. Definitely not cool and makes me want to go up to a guy and yank his pants up where they belong.

Fanny Packs ...NOT!


You can wear one of these if you're hiking in the mountains, otherwise please avoid. There's just something about it that doesn't quite work.

The Socks with Sandals Debacle

Arghhhhhh! Now pay attention...If it's hot enough for sandals, it's too hot to wear socks. If it's cold enough to wear socks, it's too cold for sandals. Got it?

Pants Pulled Too High Up The Waist


A short lesson on pants: they are supposed to stop at the waist, not the chest! I can't figure out what dudes are thinking when they do this.

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Sorry if this sounds harsh but combovers are pathetic. (Apologies to the Donald.) Yes it's a drag to lose your hair but here's a tip. Bald can be SEXY so consider shaving it all off. Or at least have it very short. Those lonely stragglers crawling across your skull look ridiculous.

Visible Thongs


No, please...what is this guy thinking?! Oh wait...he's not thinking. Obviously, because if he were, he would realize that this looks GROSS!

White Socks with Black Shoes


This look is totally dorksville and defies any rational thought process. 'Geek' is another word that comes to mind. And on top of that, he's wearing shorts!



Can you hear the collective groan escaping from every woman's lips? And what's with the humungoid gold cross?!?!

Wife Beaters


In case you're not familiar with the term 'wife beater,' it's a slang term for a tank-style undershirt. Not attractive, not cool, not masculine, not anything but ultra tacky redneck. I'll state the obvious...they are meant to be worn underneath a shirt!

We hope this primer on common men's fashion problems helps. It's okay if you're not born with a sense of style but know when to take good advice from the women who have to look at you!

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