How Do I Please My Wife in Bed?


“How can I please my wife in bed?” Most men have a point in their married lives when they ponder this question.

Like many men, this type of question might come up after you have been married for quite some time. After being with the same person for an extended period of time, it can add to the sense of adventure in the bedroom if there are new and unexpected ways of getting your wife’s attention. Read on if you need some ideas to kick start your creativity and discover what women want from men in the bedroom.

  • Massage: By offering your wife a massage, you can help her relax after a long day. The chances are also pretty good that she will return the favor and offer you a massage as well. By definition, massage utilizes lots of touching and many busy couples today could certainly use more of this. Touching forges bonds of intimacy that can lead to greater satisfaction, both in the bed and out of it.

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  • Be Romantic: When thinking of ways to answer the question, “How do I please my wife in bed?” you might think you are already romantic. Your wife, however, might enjoy a different type of romance. For example, try bringing her flowers for no particular reason. Flowers do not have to be expensive as they are primarily to let her know that you think about her often. For an even more personal approach that is sure to bring a smile to her face, try pairing the flowers with a special attribute that you find particularly alluring in your wife. You might place a vase of blue carnations that match her mesmerizing blue eyes on her bedside table, for example, so that she can see them when she is in bed.
  • Think Beyond Flowers: While flowers are certainly nice, and your wife may appreciate them, they are hardly original players in the romance department. Were you the literary type who appreciated poetry when you and your wife first started dating? Try reciting romantic poems to your wife. You could go one step further and tie a particular part of a poem to an aspect of your wife’s behavior or appearance. For a truly personal touch, try penning a poem to your wife. She will be thrilled that you took the time to do so.
  • Read in Bed Together: By spending time focusing only on your wife, you will have a pretty clear idea of how to answer the question: how to please my wife in bed. While reclining comfortably in bed, you and your wife can take turns reading aloud to each other. The choice of reading material is dependent on the interests of you both. You could explore a new subject together and learn all you can, for example. Or the two of you can read a racy little novel to get in the mood for further exploration afterward.

These are just a few ideas of what women want from men that you can use to help your wife enjoy herself more. She will certainly enjoy your increased attention as well as the time and creativity you have taken to learn how to make her happier. Indeed, one of the secrets to a long lasting marriage, and continued satisfaction with it, is learning the various answers to the burning question that so many men ask themselves, “How do I please my wife in bed?”

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