Not Enough Sex Says Girlfriend


She says, "Not enough sex!"

> Dear WWWFM,

>My girlfriend and I have been fighting about the amount of sex that we have.

She continually tells me that she thinks I don't want to, but the facts are, I am recovering from back surgery 2 months ago, she has a 14 year-old that takes up a lot of our time, driving her and her friends around, etc. I go to work at 2:30 am daily, and she works full time until 6 pm.We have sex at least twice a week, but that's not enough sex for her. What can I do?

>Dear Don,

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>Time constraints, differing schedules, and physical challenges are all conspiring to interfere with your sex life. But it sounds like you also have a communication problem when you say your girlfriend doesn't believe that you want more sex. You don't say whether you do or not, but I'm assuming you would if there weren't so many factors interfering with love time. (If you really don't want it more often, then I guess you would have to work out some kind of compromise with her.) But I can think of a few things you can try.

>Sit down with her when kids aren't around and have your daily planners with you. Reassure her that you DO want more sex but for various reasons it just doesn't happen. want to plan it out ahead of time. Figure out which nights (or days...or afternoons...or mornings) might be best for sex and make it a date.

>That's right...

>Forget about it being spontaneous.

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That way you make sure you have time for it and plan other things around it and are more likely to make sure it happens. Could you meet back at home for lunch? When does her daughter have some event to go to where you would be by yourselves? Could you both wake up earlier, brush your teeth, and do it before work? Be creative. Sex doesn't always have to happen at night. I know that doesn't sound very romantic but it can work. And it could even be sexy because you know it's coming and you start to anticipate it.

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>If fatigue or physical challenges on your part are an issue, then still go ahead and plan sex, but it could be just you giving her an orgasm, using whichever method she prefers and whatever position works for you that doesn't cause you back pain. In other words, does "having sex" have to mean intercourse every time? Depending on what turns both/either of you on, a session of mutual masturbation can be fun, or bringing each other to orgasm with just your hands. Wait and see what the energy level is and go from there.

I also recommend a book called The Great American Sex Diet by Laura Corn. It's for couples like you whose sex lives are challenged but who want to make it better. It's all about what I suggest, planning sex dates, and it provides all kinds of tantalizing ideas, sexy scenarios, things to do, etc. and you write your dates down on a big, private calendar that you hang in your bedroom. I think this book could be very helpful for you. Check it out. Maybe surprise your girlfriend with it. That should put the 'not enough sex' problem to bed.

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