Penis Problems in the Bedroom


We ladies know that your member is near and dear to your heart, and that penis problems, should you have any, can really cramp your style. We want you to know that these issues don't have to kill your love life and in most cases, can be dealt with in one way or another.

Here are some penis problems we've faced with the men in our lives and a few we learned about online and what to do about them:

  • Penis is small
    Women have their personal preferences with regard to size but generally speaking, you can deal with a smaller than average penis by:

    Being creative with lovemaking positions

    Focusing on foreplay

    Spend a lot of time pleasing your woman first by stroking, caressing, kissing, massaging and oral and manual stimulation of her clitoris. If you are skilled in the art of cunnilingus and give her a great orgasm, she will already be very happy when you enter her. Or you can bring her just to the edge and then either you or she can finish her off while you are thrusting. In other words, don't make intercourse the main course of sex. One plus of having a smaller penis is that it's easier for a woman to give a blow job and her mouth won't get tired as quickly and she will be able to take the entire length into her mouth. As far as optimal positions, try doggie style, which will make you feel bigger to her. Or, with her on her back, raise her legs straight up or drape them over your shoulders. Or, have her bend her legs back until her knees are close to her head.

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    Don't let a small penis make you feel like less of a man. Have confidence in yourself and your love-making skills. If you don't, your insecurity will be the biggest turn-off of all.
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  • Penis is extra large

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    for erectile dysfunction

    Some women adore huge penises but some of us have had less than stellar experiences with them. This may seem obvious but the most important thing to consider here is to make sure your woman is adequately aroused and lubricated before intercourse. And the same advice from above applies here as well: spend a lot of time on foreplay and cunnilingus to make sure she is feeling very good and is well lubed by the time you enter her. Depending on the woman, it may take time for her to stretch out more and accommodate a large penis and working with a dildo could help. One position that seems to work well is missionary but with the woman's legs almost closed and the man's legs on the outside. Spooning seems to work well too because it helps cushion penetration. But if you are attentive to her needs, spend lots of time making her feel good and getting her super moist, practice and patience will soon make things great.

    One thing to keep in mind: don't assume that just because you are studly, that the mere sight of your erection will make her swoon. Remember that women are NOT as visually oriented as men and still need time and attention to be ready for sex.

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    One thing to keep in mind: don't assume that just because you are studly, that the mere sight of your erection will make her swoon. Remember that women are NOT as visually oriented as men and still need time and attention to be ready for sex.

  • Phimosis
    This is a penis problem where the foreskin of uncircumcised men can't retract fully from the head of the penis. The stretching feeling can be very uncomfortable and sex can be painful. The options for treatment include stretching the skin gradually or circumcision. Until you can resolve this issue one way or another, concentrate, once again, on foreplay. (And just for the record, an uncircumcised penis is every bit as sexy as a circumcised one, as far as we are concerned.)
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  • Large veins
    This is really not a problem at all but we just thought we'd mention it. Some women may not like the way they look but they don't affect the experience at all and shouldn't be an issue.
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  • Fordyce spots

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    erectile dysfunction

    These are small, painless, white bumps or spots that cover the shaft. They are common and not caused by any disease or illness. Of all the penis problems out there, this one may embarrass you the most. Various treatments to reduce the spots are available, such as creams, vaporizing laser treatments, or chemical peels. But since the condition is purely cosmetic, we suggest leaving well enough alone. They do not interfere with sensation and are not transmitted to a partner like a venereal disease. If you have a loving, understanding partner, Fordyce spots should pose no problem.
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  • Premature ejaculation
    This is pretty common, especially when you're new at sex or in the beginning of a relationship and it often resolves itself as you get more comfortable with yourself and your partner. But the tried and true methods for preventing it are:

    • The Squeeze Method:
      either the man or the woman squeezes the tip quite hard for several seconds just before ejaculation in order to hold things off before continuing with stimulation.
    • The Stop and Start Method:
      you simply withdraw from your partner when you feel you are about to orgasm and just wait a minute or two before continuing.
    • Use a condom:
      condoms help reduce sensation thus decreasing stimulation.

  • Erectile Dysfunction
    This occurs more often in older men and we aren't going to go into it in detail as lots of information on this is readily available. One thing that has worked pretty well in our experience is Viagra. Naturally you have to see a doctor who will (hopefully) determine the underlying cause but this drug is amazing in its boner capabilities. However it's not the perfect antidote to limpness either; Viagra has some pretty strong side-effects. It can give you blinding headaches and it can screw up your color vision temporarily (pilots aren't allowed to use it for this reason within 12 hours of a flight.)

    We recommend amping up your health routine by doing things like quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, starting an exercise program, improving your diet, keeping your blood sugar levels in check, and other non-drug treatments as a first resort. Viagra and other drugs should be a last resort for penis problems. And finally, the same advice that works for most of the above problems works here too. We know it's discouraging to not be able to get it up and keep it up, but you can still be an amazing lover and make her feel ecstatic with incredible foreplay and oral sex. Making her feel fantastic by other means should help boost your ego.

    With a little confidence and diligence on your part and an adventurous and willing partner, penis problems shouldn't stand in the way of a satisfying sex life.

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