Will It Ever Be Easy to Please My Wife?


I hear this one a lot: How can I please my wife?

Sometimes it may seem impossible. No matter what you do, nothing brings that smile back to your wife’s face and the atmosphere in your house is growing bleaker. Husbands need to know that the golden answer to the old question, “how do I please my wife?” is both simple and entirely possible. You’re likely to see a change in your wife and your home right away with these tactics.

Women crave two or three basic, deep feelings in their life. They want to feel loved, they want to feel safe and at times, they also wanted to feel that they can love another well. This love, security and opportunity to nurture are often what an unhappy woman is missing. Give her these things and all will be better in your world.


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Wives like to be loved. This doesn’t just mean in the bedroom, although she needs that too. But your wife wants to be told that she’s loved and shown that love over and over again. It’s important to show love in a way that she’ll understand. You might feel that a gentle squeeze is a great indicator of your feelings, but to her that may just seem like an invitation to bed. Communicate your love in a way that she will understand, such as with compliments, special gifts or time spent together. Take the necessary time to find out how she hears and feels loving messages and then speak to her that way.

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Security is another important feeling on the what women want from men list. If you are communicating messages that contribute to insecurity, such as flirting with other women or spending uncontrollably, it’s bound to make your wide unhappy. On the other hand, making it known that she is the only girl for you and providing a safe, stable home are excellent ways to answer the question “how do I please my wife?”  She’ll know she can count on you and fall even more in love with her dependable, faithful man.

A lot of what women want from men is something (or someone) to nurture and simply allowing that will provide a solution to our dilemma. You will understand that even when it’s “not easy to please my wife,” you can do small things to help her please herself. By nurturing another life that appreciates and thrives under her care, your wife will be fulfilling something deep inside.

While a child is a wonderful goal, this nurturing can also come from taking care of a pet, mentoring in an intimate relationship or even caring for a garden. Help your wife to find something that you can nurture together and you’ll also be communicating your love. That makes for a double whammy.

Consider whether your wife is missing any of these three important emotional needs that make a large part of what women want from men in general (sometimes we have to take you back the basics, guys).

Do you make her feel loved and secure?  Are you allowing her to nurture something in a healthy, fulfilling way?  There’s often a deep insecurity in women that is fed by every other person around her.

Try to be the one person who builds her up and you’ll find yourself saying, “It’s easier than I thought to please my wife.”  Dig even farther into the mysteries of a woman’s emotions and you will be able to help your wife heal from past wounds, becoming the true hero in her life.

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