Pubic Hair Trimming...Is it a good idea?


On trimming pubic hair...should you or shouldn't you?


Okay, so I've been with my current girlfriend, for a little over four months now. We have known each other for three and half years and neither of us have had the courage to ask the other out until just recently.

Our relationship has progressed rather quickly and a few weeks ago she decided to surprise me with oral sex. However, my bush scared her off, the mood was killed, and she requested that I at least trim my genitals. I had never done so until she asked me to, and I happily complied with her request. I was simply wondering how many women do prefer a trimmed or completely shaven bush? The research I have done has led me to the conclusion that grooming the genitals can have actual health benefits; I've also concluded that many women prefer a groomed bush, and that a very small percentile even incorporate grooming into their foreplay. I do not expect nor particularly want the grooming of my genitalia to be a part of our foreplay, I was simply wondering how normal it is, and if it any one in the WWWFM community knows if it is truly healthy. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dear Richard,

It's really a matter of personal preference but I can say from experience that a trimmed area is more attractive and easy to deal with than a bushy forest. I doubt if there are health benefits to it other than it might be easier to keep clean, so I wouldn't concern myself with that aspect of it.

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So the main reason to trim this hair is because it makes oral sex more enjoyable. Thick hair and lots of it gets in the way and stray hairs get stuck in your mouth and it just generally takes away from fully enjoying the sensuousness of the area.

But it's not necessary to shave it off or permanently remove it. Shaving is a pain and once you start you have to do it often. Getting a Brazilian wax job is another option. But I'd say trimming is a better option. You can use scissors, although that's tricky, but an electric trimmer works best and is the easiest.

As for a couple's trim session, this can be an intimate thing to do together but, again, it's a matter of personal preference. Some couples enjoy trimming each other and some prefer to do it in private. This is by no means necessary but if it sounds like fun then go for it!

So the WWWFM committee concludes that as far as pubic hair is concerned, trim and tidy is sexiest!

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