Top 5 Questions to Ask a Girl During the Early Days


You want to strike up a conversation. What are good questions to ask a girl?

You palms are sweating. Your heart is pounding. You dread their arrival - those uncomfortable silences and awkward moments of first and even second dates (or when you are even approaching her for the very first time to ask us out).

You know that you like this girl and want to know everything you can about her, but that desire doesn’t seem to make its way out of your mouth. What is interesting is that asking questions shows that you are truly interested in her, and that’s what women want from men at the end of the day. But still, you’re nervous, and we get that… That’s why you are here and we are here to help! :-)

Is there any right or wrong questions to ask a girl during these early days?  These five questions to ask a date are bound to generate a better response and work in your favor, as long as you can get the delivery timed right.

Ask a girl about her hobbies and passions first. This is usually neutral territory and will give you a clue as to what else you can ask later. You want the questions you ask to lead to more questions later… What does she like to do for fun? Is she into certain things or belong to certain clubs?  If you met through a mutual hobby or passion, ask her about that in particular and probe a little deeper into why she really enjoys it. Listen to how she talks about her passion and look for cues as to where the conversation can go from there.

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One of the most important questions to ask a girl is about her dreams for the future. Don’t just come right out and say it though. Hinting at it in a roundabout way will work much better. Try not to sound like a job interviewer, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”  Be more like an interested friend and relate the future back to her hobby and passion. Always try to mention what she said previously as it shows you were listening.

If she shows that she is comfortable talking about them, ask about her family. This can get touchy, but in most cases family questions are good questions to ask girls. It’s a safe spot and will reveal an awful lot about her and any situations you may need to deal with if the relationship progresses.

If she has children, ask about them. Almost all women love to talk about their children, so be prepared for a barrage of answers in certain circumstances. Find out basics about the family, where they live, where did she grow up, etc. From there you can get into deeper discussions like do they all get along and who was her favorite relative.

It’s safe to ask a girl about her friends and her work in almost any situation. The danger is that you can appear too interested in each. You’re there with her, so don’t drill her about her best friend or any other people she hangs out with. Also, women don’t tend to put as much value in their position at work, so it helps not to look too eager to talk about that either.

One last idea for questions to ask a date is whether or not she has any questions about you. This is kind of like turning the tables, so be prepared to be honest and open with her. The idea is to make her feel in control of the conversation and let her know that you’re willing to talk about yourself, but only with prompting.

The early days in a relationship can be much smoother with these questions to ask a girl bantered about the dinner table. Always be calm, keep your sense of humor in tact and above all, be honest. And, I said before, in most instances, that is what women want from men.

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