How to Write Relationship Poems


Relationship poems can show a woman how you feel about her. Rather than simply blurting out your feelings, you can use poetry to tell her how deeply you care or how much you value your friendship with her.

And, let's be honest, love poems make great gifts for the wife and should be among the gift ideas girlfriend would love.

Finding that perfect piece of poetry to express your feelings can be difficult, however.

With a little creative finesse and plenty of feeling, though, you should be able to come up with a few phenomenal poems about relationships to suit the moment.

  • Write your own new relationship love poems. Even if you were not a literary geek during your college days, you might find that you are able to crank out a few lines of acceptable prose just by putting your feelings down on paper. (I feel confident in saying that hearing your deepest feelings would show up on any list of what women want from men). What often happens is that one thought leads to another when you are attempting to pen relationship poems, and, after polishing and editing, you may find that you have a decent little poem on your hands.
  • Look to the Masters. If you can't come up with new relationship poems on your own, or if you are a little short in the creativity department, or if you are concerned that all the poetry you have tried writing sounds like a second grader’s playground taunt, it might time to look at a few of the masters of relationship poems. Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, ee cummings, and Langston Hughes have all penned thought provoking and emotional poetry that gets to the heart of relationships. Hey, one of my favorite poems I ever received from a man borrowed heavily from that great poet, Jon Bon Jovi!

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  • Visit Your Local Library. Perhaps the above well-known relationship poets do not write in your style of poetry. Try visiting your local neighborhood library and you will find a vast array of books on poetry. Scan a few poetry collections featuring the poems of a variety of both women and men writers. You might also want to leaf through a few books that detail how to write your own poetry to see if you can glean any ideas.
  • Use the Internet. The buzz is that you can find out anything on the internet. So if the masters of poems about relationships do not adequately put your feelings into words, pull up your favorite search engine and check out the poetry that is returned after your search. You will, of course, find a wide variety of age old favorites along the vein of Shakespeare. However, you will also find amateur poets that pour their hearts out across the Internet.
  • Wing it. Another idea is to blend some of your original words with poetry that you have found elsewhere. This is actually a common practice as men around the world substitute their favorite woman’s name in song lyrics, and the like, on a daily basis. It might also give you the ability to find the right combination of personal feelings and literary sense that you otherwise could be lacking when attempting to write poems about relationships.

At the end of the day guys, we appreciate that you attempted and put forth the thought to write us relationship poems, especially when we know they come from the heart, because from the heart is one of the main things that women want from men.

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