Top 5 Signs of a Cheating Wife


Is your wife cheating? If you know the signs of a cheating wife, you can know whether or not your worries are valid.

No man wants to admit it, but many will suspect it at sometime in their marriage.  It can be hard to know whether or not those suspicions are true.  If you see these five unfaithful cheating wife signs, it’s time to take some action and get to the bottom of what’s going on behind your back.

And guys, lets be honest here. If you wife is cheating on you, worrying about what women want from men is the last thing you should be thinking about. Cheating is a selfish act; first, worry about yourself. Take care of yourself emotionally. And remember, just because these signs exist, doesn't mean your wife is cheating. They are just common indicators.


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The first thing you might notice is a change in your own bedroom.  She can grow disinterested in making love or strangely, she might grow even more interested and display a confidence that wasn’t there before.  Generally women will withdraw emotionally and physically when having an affair though, so watch for signs of boredom, especially to patterns and situations that she normally found exciting.

Your wife might also grow disinterested in caring for you and the house you live in.  Your wife may see her job at home as a way of nurturing and caring for you; if she’s having an affair, that may diminish or disappear completely. 

Watch for signs of a cheating wife that specifically relate to what she does for you, such as your laundry or making your lunch, as opposed to tasks she does for the household, like house cleaning.  When you see her consciously or unconsciously avoiding those tasks, consider it one of the signs of a cheating wife.

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Another unfaithful cheating wife sign is that, strangely enough, she might start spending an awful lot of time on her appearance. This might not seem intuitive at first, but think about it guys.

Think about how she dressed and carried herself while you were dating.  Many wives and husbands (yes, even you husbands) let that fade once the honeymoon is over.  Often when a wife is having an affair, she’ll start those habits again.  Maybe she’ll begin a work out routine or go shopping and buy new outfits for special events you’ve never heard of.  Maybe she’ll grow concerned with her hairstyle or her figure.  Most times she won’t ask for your opinion on the changes she’s made, but you’ll notice them as they become more obvious.

Your wife will get defensive when she is having an affair.  This is an especially difficult sign to pinpoint since most people will get defensive when accused of something.  Watch for times when your wife feels defensive for no apparent reason or she flies off the handle and refuses to explain herself in every day situations.  These are classic signs of a cheating wife and will generally get more frequent as the affair goes on.

The last of the unfaithful cheating wife signs you should watch out for is when her time becomes filled with unexplained absences.  She may go on outings with her girlfriends much more often than she used to.  Or she’ll find excuses to stay longer and longer at work.  Whatever the situation, her schedule will become packed with mystery and you will quickly lose any place you had in it. 

Addressing the situation in a calm, yet straightforward way will often get the truth out in the open, but it’s best to ask your wife directly once you’ve witnessed all of these signs together.  Look for more information and tips on how to approach that conversation, as it may be the most important one you’ve had in your life.

At the end of the day though, if all of these signs of a cheating wife are showing up in your house, it’s time to have a serious discussion with your wife. 

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