10 Signs Shes Interested in You


It's all about the signs, guys. We don't always communicate verbally. Check this list of signs shes interested in you to increase your odds of not being shot down on your fly by...

How do you know if a woman is interested in you? You have to look for the signs she like you... problem is, sometimes men confuse friendliness with flirting. They think that when a woman smiles at them, it is one of the sure signs that she likes you. Sorry, that is not always the case.

Women have to be so careful sometimes not to lead men on because they end up making too much out of a woman's friendly overture or casual conversation. But when a woman is genuinely attracted to you, here are the signs shes interested:

If a woman is attracted to you she will:

Signs Shes Interested (1 through 5)

  1. Smile at you a lot

  2. She won't be distracted or act annoyed. She will act happy to talk to you.

  3. Talk to you

  4. She won't walk away. She'll stay and chat to get to know you.

  5. Look directly at you

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    She won't keep looking past you as though she's checking the place out for other guys. She will focus on you and look you in the eyes.

  7. Laugh while she's talking to you

  8. If you tell a joke she'll laugh. Or she'll just laugh in general.

  9. Ask you questions about yourself

  10. She will want to know about you and will ask you what you do for a living, where you live, about your family, your interests. She's trying to gauge your status and whether you might be compatible with her.
  1. Touch your arm or hand

  2. If she really digs you, she will lightly touch you somehow in the course of the conversation, maybe to emphasize a point.

  3. Lean toward you

  4. Her body will be talking too. She'll also point her legs toward you and will not cross her arms.

  5. Make a reference to the future

  6. If she says something like, "We should do that sometime," or "Maybe I'll see you there," she's definitely decided she likes you.

  7. Give you a compliment

    If she says something complimentary, like about what you're wearing or something you just revealed about yourself, you're in the money with her.

  8. Give you her card, email address or phone number

    This is a no-brainer and one of the strongest signs she's interested. If she gives you her digits it's the clearest possible signal.
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The signs shes interested in you are clear. If she does none of these things, you can safely move on without wondering, "Did she like me?" You'll know that you saw the signs she likes you.

And definitley don't waste time wondering why she didn't because it doesn't matter. Everyone has different tastes and likes and dislikes and it's foolish to try to figure out why someone wasn't interested.

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