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We knew it would happen. A few guys (members of the He-Man Woman Haters Club) get wind of our site and HATE IT with a passion. Our humble advice and female take on things send some dudes scrambling to set us straight with a few choice words of their own.

We thought you might be interested to read just how pissed off some guys were. The nerve of us ladies, to (politely) ask for what we want! So buckle your seats and have a gander at the words of men who know better:

BS!!!! Having read most of the articles on your site, and speaking from 2 decades of experience, I've never heard a bigger load of crap in my life. Women don't want any of the drivel spouted on this site, you are only setting men up to be used, abused, and pushed around…

What we wanted to reply (but didn't)...

First of all, dearest Lars, thanks for reading most of our site. We are honored you took the time. Second of all, I guess I better write back to all the men who complimented us and asked us for our advice on personal relationship matters and tell them we were idiots and full of crap! I wonder what they'll say…

Who made up this site? American women don't want a nice guy who is well traveled with an educaton [sic] and a career, they want the badboy a**hole with a criminal record who can "protect" them. If you treat them nicely, they dump on you because you appear weak. If that's not true, then I am here to be introduced to any one of your female friends who weighs less than 200 pounds (Make that less than 130 pounds) and pretends like she cares about her appearance.

I sense a little hostility here. I guess you've been dumped one too many times. Probably because of your charming personality. And you're right. What was I thinking? I definitely want to spend my life with an **hole who has a criminal record. I should forget about those good guys who actually want to work on their relationships and take the time to write to a site like ours and ask for help. Those dummies!
It is my opinion that this site must be for monkeys, because if any man does not do ALL of your TOP TEN on a daily basis, then they need to live in a zoo with wild animals.

Women are with these slobs, jerks, etc., because they like the challenge. If a man was to implement some or if not most of your suggestion's, women would become bored. Bored because then the men don't do anything wrong and women need something negative about their man to talk about with other women. Let's face it, more people complain then compliment.

I laughed at this site for pointing out some of the most obvious things, that I already do or have done, for women. If there are men out there that think this site is useful, then why am I, a cleanly, attentive, sensitive, compassionate, funny, fasion senced, [sic] successful, 35 year old man, never married with no kids, AM STILL SINGLE! Sorry. I just needed someone to listen to me vent; but that's what women want from men. I know, I'll just date a man! Any suggestions?

Dear Douglas,

Yes. Please write back and let us know how the man dating is going.

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You know, reading just a few snippets from this site just made me realize how far out of touch most women are from reality. The huge amount of information on just how we're supposed to be to make you happy makes me laugh. The reason you won't see a parallel site "What men want from women" is that we guys are too busy trying to brave the real world, and provide a stable, safe and stocked home for our women and our families. Whatever you say as a comeback "we women work now too" really doesn't cut it. It is our responsibility to work and provide this, and no self respecting man would consider doing otherwise. sitting around on your couch, crying about how your little emotional state isn't in perfect condition because us poor guys just don't "get it", just makes me realize how ungrateful and unimaginably selfish women like you are. I feel like puking thinking about you and your site.

Dear Chris,

Just wanted to let you know that you have a "little emotional state" too, only you are too busy "braving the real world" to pay attention to it. You are one of those guys who thinks that as long as he brings home the bacon, then that's all he has to do. Feel free to continue believing this but plenty of other guys who care about their women's "little emotional state" have a better chance at a happy relationship than you do. And please clean up your own regurgitation.

Just reading through the typical garbage rhetoric on this website, just totally vindicates everything I already knew about women, and that your all a complete bunch of two faced backstabbing, social climbing, cheating, gold digging snakes without a shred of integrity, and it has led me to the conclusion, that love does not exist, relationships are a load of bullshit and women in general are a complete and utter waste of time and frankly people whom I do not give a stuff about, and will never in the future.

Dear Geoff,

Wow! That's quite a condemnation of the entire female race. You are going to be one mighty lonely dude from here on out. So good luck then. Too bad you can't just go back to Mars where you came from and get away from all us pesky, backstabbing Venusians.

We hope there aren't too many members of the He-Man Woman Haters Club in the world. But everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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