What Women Want from Men: The Top 10


This top 10 list describes what women want from men in a long-term relationship...

This page is for men who only have TWO MINUTES to read about what your significant other wants. If you only read one page of this website, make it THIS one.

Women want men to:

  1. Give sympathy, not solutions.

  2. If you could change just one thing, do this: When she talks to you about a problem she's having, JUST LISTEN TO HER. DO NOT OFFER ADVICE! She just wants you to pay attention while she vents, and then she will FEEL BETTER! Just do it.

  3. Cuddle more.

  4. It's no good if the only time you are affectionate is when you want sex. We need to hold hands, hug, kiss, etc. on a regular basis or we feel neglected.

  5. Be romantic.

  6. If you treat your wife or girlfriend like one of your buddies, she isn't going to be very happy. What women want from men are regular, small gestures of love to remind her how lucky she is to be with you.

  7. 'Make love,' not just 'have sex.'

  8. A woman needs to have an emotional connection with you in order to have great sex. If it's just wham bam and all you care about is getting off, she isn't going to be very happy.

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  9. Be neater.

  10. Wives and girlfriends HATE, I repeat, HATE having to pick up after a man. It's just common courtesy to do things like put your dirty clothes in a hamper instead of leaving them on the floor for her to trip over, or wash some dishes, or put things away.

  1. Be good with foreplay.

  2. If you consider 5 minutes enough time for a good roll in the hay, you can be sure she is unsatisfied. Unless she's one of those (few) lucky women who can have a vaginal orgasm, she needs more time, and she needs you to be emotionally engaged with her.

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  3. Be emotionally open.

  4. A man who rarely or never shares his feelings is going to frustrate the woman he's with. Not only is it healthier for you to open up and express a little emotion, sharing your feelings with her will make her feel closer to you, which will make her happy.

  5. Be able to have a conversation.

  6. If we can't have a good conversation with you about things besides finances, kids, jobs, household concerns, etc. life is going to feel boring. Be willing to discuss things like movies, books, memories from childhood, your dreams, etc.

  7. Have passion.

  8. A man needs to feel passion for something in his life (besides the woman he loves!) or he will be dull, dull, dull. It could be his career, a hobby, or a volunteer pursuit, but life together is so much better if you are living up to your potential and making yourself happy by doing something you love.

  9. Be equal partners.

  10. It's not enough to bring home a paycheck. Women need your emotional support, and they need you to be a co-parent, helping out every step of the way from changing diapers and midnight feeding (if you have kids) to equally dividing household chores. Say good-bye to your ideas of 'womens' work and be willing to help with everything.

When women get what they need and want from men, men win too because a happy woman means a happier home and quite possibly a better sex life! So, memorize this top 10 list so you know exactly what women want from men!

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