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When I was in my early teens, I remember going to a stationery store and picking out different colors of paper and matching envelopes.

Then I couldn't wait to get back to my room (I was at boarding school) and write my letters. I even had a fountain pen, the kind where you have replacement ink cartridges when the pen runs dry. Writing a letter was an important means of communication and the receivers always appreciated seeing those envelopes in the mail box.

These days of email and text messaging are great for quick, disposable communication, but we've lost something important in our electronic, cellular world. Gone are the times when people actually sit down at a desk, get out a nice piece of stationery and a good quality ink pen, and compose a real, heartfelt letter to a loved one.

A surefire way to melt the heart of your sweetheart is to write her a "real" message expressing your passion. Not an email, not an ecard, not a Hallmark card, but a genuine, hand-written, hand-addressed note full of affection. No matter what is going on in the relationship, a woman is sure to be touched by such an effort, and most of us ladies will tuck it away in our private little files and boxes where we will keep it forever! That's right! Those words from the heart mean so much to us that we can never part with them. Ever.

If you're not sure how to go about it, follow these guidelines for how to write a love letter…

  • Use the best paper you have. If all you've got is regular copy paper, go to an art supply, craft, or stationery store where you can get either packages or individual pieces of nice, thick paper in different colors. Get envelopes too.
  • While you're at it, buy a nice pen. You can even buy a calligraphy pen to use for addressing the envelope.

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  • It's okay to write a rough first draft (use regular paper so you don't waste the good stuff), just to get some of your thoughts down and organize yourself. When you're done with the rough draft, copy it onto the nice paper using your best handwriting.
  • Say something sweet in the greeting. Instead of just Dear Susan, be a little creative and write Dearest, or My beloved, or My Darling Susan…
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  • When you sit down to write a love letter, are you stumped on what to say? If it's your long-time girlfriend or wife, go all out with mushy expressions of amour. If it's someone you're still just getting to know, don't go overboard or she may think you're pushing too hard.
  • Still don't know what to say? Think of a great memory with her and evoke the feelings from that time or recall how she made you feel, what she said, what she did that touched you, etc. Talk about how she has changed your life, made it better, how you are a better person because of her. What do you adore about her? About her face? (Don't get sexual here except in general terms like when you make love, etc.) What does she do that you find cute, endearing, special? What did you find irresistible about her when you first met?
  • There aren't really any rules. The only thing that matters is that you utter words of devotion that come from the depths of your heart when you write a love letter. Even if you think you're no Shakespeare, the fact that they are your words are what will impress her and make her go weak in the knees. Keeping it fairly simple is fine.
  • How long should it be? Again, no rules here. If you feel moved to write more than one page, fabulous! You can't really overdo it as far as length. But a short, one pager is fine.
  • Try not to use clichés like Roses are Red, Violets are Blue or love conquers all, etc.

  • The closing can be a sentimental single line or phrase such as Your ever-loving husband, or Yours forever, etc.
  • Write a love letter as neatly as possible and if you're not sure about spelling a word, look it up! A trick some people use to help them write straight across the page is to very lightly pencil in lines with a ruler and then erase the lines when you're finished. A kneaded rubber eraser works best for this.
  • Address the envelope neatly. If you're sending it through the mail, pick a stamp design that complements the letter. You want the tone of the whole package to be in synch i.e. a romantic-themed stamp is more appropriate than a stamp with a car, sports figure, etc.

Follow these tips on how to write a bodacious love letter, and you'll have her going weak in the knees.

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